Julian | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

Meet Julian!

This little guy came to see me when he was just 9 days new. He was a bit challenging to get to sleep and super sensitive when posing, but he was absolutely adorable, so I forgive him. He is a part of my “Watch Me Grow Plan” so I can’t wait to see how much he has grown in just a few short months.

Baby Toes Photography Roanoke VA

newborn photography Roanoke VA

head on hands pose

newborn boy grey blanket

newborn boy photo

Hensley | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

Meet Hensley!

Hensley came to see me when she was just 6 days old, the perfect age for a newborn session. She slept the entire session and barely made a peep. She curled right up into all those adorable little newborn poses and didn’t mind a bit to be moved around from one set up to the next. She was absolutely perfect. Congratulations to this new family of three.

Here are a few of my favorites from Hensley’s newborn photography session…

Baby Toes Photography

newborn photography Roanoke VA

newborn girl with headband

newborn girl with peach wrap

newborn portrait

newborn photography Roanoke VA

Baby Toes Photography Roanoke Va

newborn photography Roanoke VA

newborn in prop

newborn with purple wrap


Knox | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

Meet Knox!

Knox wasn’t much for sleeping as you can tell from his first picture here. He only slept through two out of four set ups, but I didn’t mind him showing me those beautiful eyes. Despite being awake, he was actually quite content. He even let me pose him while he was awake, which I have to say was actually a first for me. Typically awake babies have no interest in being posed, but Knox just stayed in placed and even made eye contact. Thankfully he did eventually get a full belly and nod off for a short while. Just long enough to get a few more poses in before he woke up again for props. I also got to meet Knox’s big brother James who was one of the sweetest little boys I have ever met and he did a fabulous job when it was his turn to get in front of the camera.

Here are a few of my favorites from Knox’s newborn photography session…













Londyn | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

Meet Londyn!

I absolutely love my job and I love meeting new families. This family was no exception. Chelsea and Kyle were so wonderful to work with and so were Londyn and her big brother Kyle. Londyn came to see me when she was just 8 days old, the perfect age for a newborn session. Despite fighting me a little on hand placement (seriously, this girl has some strong fingers), Londyn did such a great job during her session. She was super sleepy and just curled right up into those adorable little newborn poses. And her big brother Kyle was probably the most well behaved little 3 year old boy I have ever met!  Congratulations to this new family of four. It was such an honor to capture these memories for you!

Here are a few of my favorites from Londyn’s newborn photography session…








Will | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world, Will!

Baby Will came to my Roanoke studio a little later than usual.  He gave Mom and Dad quite a surprise when he arrived several weeks earlier than expected, so he was actually already 5 weeks old before he came to see me for his newborn photography session.  He was a sleepy baby, even at five weeks, but startled very easy and gave me quite the work out when it came to posing.  Older babies are a little harder to work with, but Will still rocked his session.  He was also joined by his big brother and big sister who couldn’t wait until it was their turn to get their picture taken with their little baby brother.

Mom loved blue, cream and brown so we incorporated all three colors in his session.  Here are a few of my favorites….


baby boy in metal bucket

newborn photography Roanoke, VA

newborn boy in round brown basket

newborn photography Roanoke, VA

newborn photography Roanoke, VA

newborn boy with blue wrap

nighty-night pose dark blue with brown hat

newborn photography Roanoke, VA

baby boy with light blue wrap

Baby Toes Photography Roanoke, VA

newborn photography Roanoke, VA

baby toes with wedding rings

sibling photo Roanoke, VA